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Browse through our range of high end wedding photography services which are sure to meet to your expectations capturing true emotions of your wedding

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Traditional Photography

Traditional Photography is the evergreen style of wedding photography shot by using DSLR camera. It is also known as Still photography or even Portrait Photography

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Candid Photography

Candid Photography is the latest trend in wedding photography. Candid shots are clicked when the person is the focus of the frame is unaware. It is shot with High-end telescopic lens.

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Exclusive Couple Shoot

Couples are always fond of making a special memory tied along with their wedding. Exclusive pre or post wedding Couple Shoot

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Wedding Video & Promo

Wedding video is capture of the wedding minute by minute edited into a 2 hour video. Promo is rather a 1 min video of the 2 hour video in short and often called as a Trailer.

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Wedding Cinema

Wedding cinema is capturing the wedding itself in a cinematic style, using high-end gear such as Helicam and Jimmy Jip crane shots featuring the bride and the groom like movie celebrities.

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Wedding Albums

Wedding albums are designed with the complete reel of photos shot at the wedding. We make the album in synthetic non-tearable material for memories captured to last forever.

Have you been wondering about the different ways to capture the precious moments at your wedding?

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Principles of our work

Seeking out appropriate wedding photography projects
Working in different locations to get the right photo
Using an extensive range of highend technical equipment
Checking for quality and delivering to clients' interest

Our Skills

  • Candid Photography
  • Wedding Cinema
  • Editing
  • Album Making
  • Videography
  • Creativity
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